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Wildflower Seedball Workshop


Our native wildflower seedball program aims to build community and an arsenal of seedballs to create native pollinator habitat and loads of opportunities to harvest bouquets for your friends.

Mix Clay, Compost and Native Wildflower seeds and “presto!” you have seedballs to toss around your yard and neighborhood creating a landscape that supports native pollinators and smiles. Seed balls are one-half inch diameter models of the living world protecting seed from predators and giving them all their base needs for germination once the rains come. They are a cost effective restoration technique that can be made by anyone anywhere in the world where there is soil and seed. Download the flyer below for instructions on how to make seedballs.

We will give half of the seedballs away at our workshops. The other half we will distribute through a small dispenser that will be located at cafes and retail stores around Vancouver as a fundraiser. Do you know of a cafe or retail store that would carry Urban Abundance seedballs? Contact Warren @ 771-1296 or

Making seedballs is also a great opportunity to meet others interested in creating abundance in our urban neighborhoods.

  • Join us First Tuesday's for our next Wildflower Seedball workshop. Check our calendar for the next workshop location.
  • Host a workshop at your next potluck or meeting(1.5 hrs time commitment)
  • Become a trained Wildflower Seedball Workshop Coordinator and help us expand the workshop series into local schools and beyond.

Interested? Contact