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Preserving our Food History

Does the fall bring back memories for you of picking apples from your family’s farm or that of someone you knew?  Did you ever earn money harvesting strawberries, raspberries, prunes or hazelnuts?  Maybe you were involved in preserving food grown in your family’s garden, or perhaps you entered a prize pumpkin in the Clark County fair? 

If any of this brings memories to your mind, then you are someone we want to talk to!  Urban Abundance is a local organization that is seeking to re-visit the ways that gardening, farming, and food production have always been a part of the social fabric of life in Vancouver through the Preserving our Food History project.  The stories about the kitchen gardens and farms of the past have huge potential to connect youth to the future possibilities for their own gardens.  We would like to invite Clark County residence who are nearing their 70’s or have already reached that milestone to participate with us on this project. 

Student-led interviews will explore the history of food in Vancouver and the role that it has had on building the community. We are excited to give high school students a chance to meet members of the community that they might not otherwise know, and to learn how to see themselves as members of the community that they are exploring.

If you wouldn't mind bringing us along as you stroll down memory lane or if you can think of someone else that we should talk to, please contact us at 360-771-1296 or