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Community Orchard

Community Orchard program works with community gardens or other other public spaces to install edible landscapes.

Check out this youtube video about our first Community Orchard partner, the Marion Community Garden.

Do you have a site you would like to install a Community Orchard to increase the abundance in your neighborhood?

1. Urban Abundance pairs the site with a Landscape Designer focused on edible landscaping.

2. Urban Abundance hosts a Community Orchard design forum for the Landscaper Designer and site stakeholders to evaluate the site and brainstorm the garden design.

3. The Landscape Designer will develop a site design based on the site stakeholders input.

4. Urban Abundance will source the plants outlined in the design.

5. Site Stakeholders and Urban Abundance will host a work party to install the garden.

6. Site Stakeholders will maintain the installation by weekly watering and weeding.


  • Landscape Designers that would like to donate their services to the Community Orchard program. This is a great opportunity to highlight your edible landscaping services and support for the community.
  • Volunteers to assist installing Community Orchards.
  • New sites looking for a Community Orchard
THANKS to Lyda Consulting for being the first Landscape Designer to donate your services to the project!